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These are pictures from our visit to Eben-Emael on 25 October. We had great weather for the visit of the ‘roof’ outside, which was opened to the public last year (free admittance!). I do recommend you also visit the interior of the Fort. Our guide Bart was very knowledgeable. The tour inside takes about 1,5 hours and costs 6 EUR. Note that the fort is only open one weekend per month. After that you have all the time you need to visit the displays with mannequins (which have been much improved since my last visit!). Enjoy the photos and spread the word about this important piece of military history.
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Visit to Eben-Emael — 2 Comments

  1. I was at the Eben Emael fort in April this year(2014). These are great photos you have posted. With all the new museums popping up around Europe this is one that is not to be missed. My guide was also Bart who was a mine of information using historical info mixed with stories from the heroic Belgian resistance to the German onslaught, not only on the fort but across the Maas river and its bridges. Keep in mind that the guides at the fort are all volunteers, so they are really into the history of this area. I spent most of the day there and was totally gob smacked how pristine the condition of the fort is inside. Where the German paratroopers landed on top of the fort with their gliders and how they penetrated it with shaped charges, can all be seen. This was the highlight of my two month trip to Europe.
    Thanks for the web site, and thanks to Bart and all the guides at Eben Emael for keeping these stories alive.

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