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repro crickets - front view Over the years, I have bought several reproduction crickets. You know, the toy clickers that were used by the 101st Airborne in Normandy. Not by the 82nd, who only used the challenge Flash – Thunder. This led to dangerous confusion when paratroopers of both divisions missed their drop zones and got mixed up. A rare and original ground-dug and rusty cricket can set you back a 1000 euros. If anyone can be sure at all that it’s authentic. So I am perfectly happy with these repress. The silver one is very special in that it is an exact copy of the Acme-brand crickets described in America’s Finest. I did the aging myself, but Fallschimrjaeger.biz sells them pre-aged too. The green-oxydized one is currently available on eBay from a seller in France for about 15-20 euros. The plain brass one, I don’t remember where it’s from. Probably from a souvenir shop in Normandy. Obviously you don’t want to buy one marked U.S. or D-Day etc. Click-clack here to see more detail pics



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