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This book from Heimdal publishing is dedicated specifically to the fighting in and around Carentan, Normandy 6-15 June 1944. It is in French, but to be honest I have only looked at the pictures and their captions, and still it’s worthwhile. There are many period photos and great photos from the displays at the Dead Man’s Corner museum, which so far I have only found in this book. See pictures below.



Objectif Carentan – Paratrooper reference book Normandy — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Wouter,

    Have been visiting your website for some time now and I really like the place! Nice articles and especially a very nice blog.

    I purchased this book this afternoon, even though I’m a Dutch speaking Belgian. I don’t think the French will be a problem though. Seems like a very interesting book, hope it’s worth the read!


    • Fijn dat je het leuk vindt. Ik spreek ook Nederlands, maar ik hou het in het Engels om zo een groter publiek te bereiken. US WW2 collectors spreken toch allemaal Engels 😉

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