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Recognition magazine about gliders, april 1944

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I recently picked up the Recognition magazine which was circulated by the War Department to train armed forces personnel in the recognition of allied and axis airplanes, but also military vehicles. This issue deals with all types of glider aircraft known at the time, as used by the Americans, British and Germans.

It includes gliders such as the ubiquitous CG-4A (Waco, or Hadrian for the British), the twin-boom glider, the CG-13, the British Horsa and Hamilcar. Only the huge German ME-323 is shown and the common smaller DFS-230 used at Eben-Emaƫl, Crete, and the liberation of Mussolini at Grand Sasso is not shown.

This is a very unique period reference work and I have made a reproduction which you can download here for your study.

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