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I got this top-qualilty A2 flight jacket from Peter Debrabander of Quarter Master Inspector. I am in love with this jacket! First I was going to get the cheaper cowhide version. That one is fine for re-enactment, but the genuine horsehide version is the real thing. The knit cuffs are red-brown, like the originals, and it even has a Talon zipper with fine detailing. Other original details are the Army Air Forces stamp on the inside of the storm flap and the hook at the collar (although unpainted on the originals). Yes, it’s  more expensive than cowhide, but it also looks more expensive. Consider the back is made out of one pristine piece of horsehide. Look at any leather jacket in stores and worn in the streets, and you will be hard-pressed to find one with a one-piece back. That’s because most leather jackets are made of cheaper small pieces of leather, even the ones by designer brands.

Speaking of small… The original jackets were worn quite close-fitting. I first bought a size 42. That seemed to fit alright, but it was too wide at the shoulders and had too much volume at the back. Then I changed it for a size 40, which was still too big at the shoulders. Finally, I changed it for a size 38, and that’s perfect. So I think you should try it on and look in the mirror.



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    • For the fit. It was kind of tight on the front but roomy in the sleeves. I don’t know. For my figure it was a bit off. But the quality of the leather and finishing is absolutely terrific.

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