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B&B Santa Fe at Lutrebois, Bastogne

B&B Santa Fe at Lutrebois, Bastogne

I was a little late planning a trip to Bastogne to visit the museums and sights there. Luckily, I stumbled upon the “Santa Fe” B&B of Marc Reyter at Lutrebois, a village just South of Bastogne. Marc is a young history teacher and also a WW2 militaria collector. He focuses on the 35th “Santa Fe” Infantry Division that liberated this village and drove away the German 5th FJ Regt.

It was a very pleasant stay. The room was really tidy and comfortable and Marc was a good host. I find this a lot more fun than staying at a hotel. You get to chat with local people and learn a whole lot more.

Marc will also provide you with a discount coupon for the 101st Airborne Museum at Bastogne and a voucher for a free apéritif at the Wagon Léo restaurant at Place Mc Auliffe. This restaurant is one of the traditional highlights of Bastogne and I really recommend it.



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  1. HI,
    great article on the EE8 field phones, I have one already and have just bought another, the cables are pretty well shot, where would I get replacement cable from, it’s rubber covered. Thanks, Rick

    • Hi Rick, if you mean the cable to connect two phones, you can find this on many army surplus sites (post war, but virtually identical) and NOS WW2 wire can usually be found on military show, but pricier of course. Or do you mean cables inside the telephones?

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