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B&B Santa Fe at Lutrebois, Bastogne

B&B Santa Fe at Lutrebois, Bastogne

I was a little late planning a trip to Bastogne to visit the museums and sights there. Luckily, I stumbled upon the “Santa Fe” B&B of Marc Reyter at Lutrebois, a village just South of Bastogne. Marc is a young history teacher and also a WW2 militaria collector. He focuses on the 35th “Santa Fe” Infantry Division that liberated this village and drove away the German 5th FJ Regt.

It was a very pleasant stay. The room was really tidy and comfortable and Marc was a good host. I find this a lot more fun than staying at a hotel. You get to chat with local people and learn a whole lot more.

Marc will also provide you with a discount coupon for the 101st Airborne Museum at Bastogne and a voucher for a free apéritif at the Wagon Léo restaurant at Place Mc Auliffe. This restaurant is one of the traditional highlights of Bastogne and I really recommend it.