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DSCF5559I visited this museum in the same weekend as the Bastogne War Museum. The 101st Airborne Museum is more for the paratroopers enthusiasts and knowledgeable collectors. It is located in the former officers mess building of the Belgian Army, built in 1936.This prestigious building was used by the German army as “Unteroffiziersheim” during the occupation of Bastogne in WWII. It’s very well laid out as a museum and it has a magnificent collection, but hardly any explanation is given at all. So this is a more of a place to see the items for real that you only know from books.

The highlight of the tour is in the basement. There you will find a very realistic medical ward and surgery and also an air raid shelter with very impressive sound effects. It really feels as if tanks are rolling over the street just overhead, such intense and realistic noise!

See photos of the museum here, as well as other photos of our Bastogne weekend.

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