HomeCollectiblesAirborne beer with M1 helmet mug

airborne-beer-animatedWhile on our battlefield trip in and around Bastogne, we picked up this Airborne beer. The gift pack comes with a ceramic mug shaped like an M1 helmet. It is marked ‘Airborne’ on one side and ‘Battle of the Bulge’ on the other side. It’s a bit awkward to drink beer from, but it’s great for serving NUTS!

The beer is brewed locally at Brasserie Lamborelle. The beer has a dark red-brown color with a nice head, but not too much foam. It had some grain, malt and spices in its taste, with some sweetness I can’t quite describe. It’s nice, but a bit flat. Not one of my favorite beers. But I did buy one to keep as a souvenir, and the mug is really neat.