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I haven’t posted anything since June. In the meantime a lot of material has been gathering here to write about. For starters my annual pictures of Wings & Wheels. I think this is the 9th time my son and I went, so next year we will celebrate our 10th time!

For those of you who have seen photos from previous years, they are again very much alike. This year though, for the first time, we went on Sunday because the weather was horrible on Saturday. On Sunday the weather was great, but obviously the fair had been picked over for too long to find anything worthwhile. One one of the photos you see a 1945 dated crate of canisters of delousing powder. I bought one of those.

Not much new vehicle-wise. The Soviet Frog missile truck was impressive.

Other than that, I mostly looked around for a nice Willy’s Jeep. Talked to some owners and concluded that my search will take a little longer.

View Wings & Wheels 2017 photo album




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