Original WW2 booklet. Excellent condition.

This was a guide for GIs stationed in Great Britain. The text mainly stress that good relations between British and Americans are essential for winning the war and that GIs cannot be allowed to fight old wars over again by bringing up old grievances. GIs should also be careful with American expressions meaning different things in British English. A very touchy subject is the higher pay of American soldiers compared to their British colleagues. They are advised not to show off.
A note on page 33 points out that the British started the idea of providing soldiers with guide books to help them understand their allies. The first RAF cadets to come to the United States for training were given a little book called “Notes for Your Guidance” which told them how to get along with Americans. In fact, the last few pages of the guide are taken from the guide “Meet the Americans” of the British Army Bureau of Current Affairs (Bulletin No. 22, July 18, 1942).