Very rare in this condition! In fact this is the first pair I have come across. The leather covering is intact, no scratches or wear on the paint (usually brass shines through everywhere), original neck strap is present and intact, and the compass in the lid of the carrying case is intact and the closing snap of the carrying case is not torn (although it has some wear). On top of that, it comes with the instruction manual and factory certificate. Both booklets, as well as the carrying case are marked with Captain Grant, Co. F. The optics on both sides are clear, which is also extraordinary because they are usually clouded. These binoculars are 1915-dated, so almost 100 years old. There’s a reticle on one side which I can’t show in a photograph). This type of binoculars was still issued in WW2 until stocks were depleted.




WW1 binoculars, case with compass, Bausch & Lomb manuals. Stunning and rare set — No Comments

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