uses Google Analytics to collect data. I need this data to understand how visitors use my website so I can improve its content, design and functionality.

With your consent (accept or deny in the cookie bar on this website), Google Analytics will process and collect your personal data (cookies and IP address) to give us valuable information. Google Analytics will transfer your data to the United States and store it for 6 months. To learn more about Google’s data transfer policies, click here.

Data is also collected whenever you leave a comment on this website or when you fill out a form or send me an email. You personal data will always be treated confidentially. When you leave a comment, it is first reviewed by me, and if it’s approved it’s published. If you don’t want to see your comment anymore, or you want to make a change to it, you can always contact me.

If you send me an email with photos or other information, I assume it’s OK for me to use this for my website. Still, I will always ask you if it’s OK to also mention your name.

What are your rights?

Your personal information is primarily yours. The law therefore gives you the right to access it, correct it and to have it erased from the database. In short, these are your rights:

Right of access
You have the right to know what information is being stored about you and what it is being used for. Your data can only be shared if you have given your consent.

Right of rectification and erasure
Your data that I have may no longer be correct. For example, if you changed your name or email address. You may want certain information no longer to be stored. That is why you have the right to access, supplement or rectify information, or ask that it be deleted.

How can you exercise your rights?

Contact me or send an email to and I will take care of your request

This service is always free. You will receive the requested information and can indicate the changes you wish to make. Important: naturally, you will need to be able to identify yourself, in order for me to verify that the information really is yours. That is why you always need to include a copy of your identity card.

Useful websites if you want to know more about your rights