Some collectors are against repros. As a matter of principle, or because they can afford to. I personally think they can be great as a filler in your collection or for re-enactment, as long as they are well made.

These reviews are based on items I have actually bought. I will refrain here from bashing every poor repro in the market (I could dedicate a seperate site to that). Most of my other articles also mention known existing repros, but that’s mainly to show how you can tell they aren’t originals.

Denix M1 Garand review
See how the Denix replica compares to the real steel Garand.
How to age your repro K-rations
Here I show how you can ‘age’ your repro K-ration boxes so they won’t looks like repros anymore.
1st type Griswold bag
This is a review of the repro 1st type Griswold bag available at Soldier of Fortune (the early type without the zipper).
T5 parachute
This is a review of the repro T5 available on eBay from seller Jumpmaster44.


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