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This is a nice wartime children’s book I bought recently.  Published in 1944, when the most famous airborne operations took place and history was still being written. I basically bought it because it fits in well with my magazines on the subject, and because I liked the cover so much. Inside the book is marked “Oct. 24, 1944 – To Tommy from Bobby.” The dust jacket is a bit tattered, but still nice for display. The book and cover are in excellent condition.

The seller also had Norma Kent of the WACS and Sally Scott of the WAVES. Since he didn’t have them anymore, he let this one go to someone that may want to collect all 8 of the Fighters For Freedom Series. I had no idea which were the other 5 books in this series. Luckily, the left-hand side of the dust jacket provides a list: Barry Blake of the Flying Fortress, Sparky Ames and Mary Mason of the Ferry Command, Nancy Dale – Army Nurse, Kitty Carter – Canteen Girl, March Anson and Scoot Bailey of the U.S. Navy.


Dedication inside dated Oct. 24, 1944



Cover without dust jacket

You gotta love the wartime patriotic copy on the inside of the dust cover…

On the left: “For Victory-Save Cooking Fats and Grease!” or “Grease makes bullets and bombs for our soldiers. You can help them win!”

And on the right: “Your Country Needs Your Help. Every boy and girl, as well as every man and woman, can have a share in winning the victory over the enemy we are fighting – a victory which must be won if America is to remain a symbol of liberty and freedom throughout the world.” and “You can help. Everyone can do his share in the desperate battles to protect our liberty by buying War Savings Stamps and War Bonds regularly. To buy them is to become a true soldier of Democracy.”



I haven’t actually read the book yet, and I don’t think I will. It looks pretty boring and doesn’t seem to be based on facts. But then again, it was already published in the 1944, when the most famous airborne operations took place. History was still being written.

The illustrations inside are nice. I photographed a few of them which you can see below.


You can contribute too:
If you have other wartime books on this subject, or if you own any of the other books from the Fighters for Freedom Series, you are welcome to contribute with any additional pictures and information you may have.



Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops — 5 Comments

  1. I read this book in 1964 when I was in the 4th grade. It made me want to be a paratrooper. I graduated from basic airborne school in August of 1975. I was a Jumpmaster with the 82nd Airborne Division. A young boy’s dream came true. I retired from the Army in 1996.

  2. Never read this book, my father was the person I looked up to. Dad served in the 550th Airborne Infantry Battalion and 17th Airborne Division in WWII, 187th Airborne(RCT)in the Korean war and 1st/5th Special Forces groups in Vietnam. He retired from the Army in March 1970. He is the reason I served in the Army from Nov 1979 through Nov 1999. Like my father, I was a master rated jump master in the Airborne. Raised by my hero!!!

  3. My dad always talked about this book. He passed away when I was 18. Many years ago my brother found this book on line and ordered for me. He ordered on what would have been my dad’s birthday and I received about 6 weeks later the anniversary of his death. I enjoyed the book

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