I started this web site with articles about paratrooper equipment because I wanted to provide the completest possible information that was not available from reference books. I make a point of trying to add something new to the hobby instead of copy/pasting from other web sites. Some of these articles took a long time to write, until I was satisfied that I had found all possible available information on the topic. Where possible, I use photos from my own collection and collector friends.

If you find any errors or have additional information or photos, I will be happy to add them. This work is never finished.

Jump wings
Collecting jump wings can be a hobby in its own right, but surprisingly, very little background information about them is available. That’s why I wrote this article.
Escape compasses
All types of axis and allied escape compasses. These are the tiny little compassas hidden in clothing and everyday objects.
Wrist compasses
This compass, official known as “Compass, Wrist, Liquid-filled”, was made by two manufacturers, Superior Magneto and Taylor. Here’s an analysis of the variations.
Gas detection brassards
These brassards were issued for the Normandy invasion to both Britsh and American forces and meant to detect the presence of poison gas (such as mustard gas), which the Allies were afraid Hitler might employ as a desperate measure.
Luminous disks
These small disks were attached to the front or back of the helmet so that the men could see each other in darkness. We analyse the different types.
Invasion armflags
An analysis of the various types of these ‘invasion’ armflags worn by paratroopers in the course of the war.
Army flashlights
Here’s a detailed analysis of the varieties of the TL-122 angle-head flashlights issued to US troops.
Military whistles
If you thought there were only brass and green plastic whistles, check out this article identifying over a dozen variants.
1940’s ads with paratroopers
Paratroops were new and exciting in the 1940’s, so advertisers who were in any way linked to paratroop equipment published specially themed ads to highlight this.
WWII magazine covers with paratroopers
Overview of all WWII-era magazines with paratroopers on the cover.
Sweetheart pillow covers
Decorative pillow cases were a favorite army camp souvenir for girlfriends, wives, or mothers. This is a list of paratrooper-themed pillow covers.
Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops
Review of a vintage wartime children’s book
GIs in Brussels
A collection of photos and items related to GIs visiting Brussels at the end of WWII.
John Beatty, paratrooper
The story behind John Beatty’s purple heart.