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This replica of the M9A1 bazooka looks great for late-war re-enactment (Ardennes, Operation Varsity). It’s full-metal and priced around €300-400, depending on where you buy it. Considering real WW2 bazookas are impossible to find, this may be your ticket. My only gripe with this reproduction are the grips. They seem to be of some later type than the ones used in WW2.

This video from Evike shows how it works (if you buy it in Belgium or Germany, you won’t get the ugly orange tip):

I have been doing some research on the shells used in the video, but can’t find them for sale in Belgium anywhere. The effect of shooting BB’s with this is quite minimal. I would rather have a kind of smoke-effect grenade. That would be sweet for re-enactment!

It looks like it will take a repro or demilled rocket in the back. If you could make it throw a flame or a flash from the back when you pull the trigger, that would really top it off!



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