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img_6786At Gent Militaria I saw these vintage road signs made by Bob Meyer of VinSign. Hand painted signs, or partially hand painted using templates are a common sight at re-enactment events and at all militaria shows you see signs for sale. But these from VinSign are much more realistic. I was very impressed by their faux enamel road signs. The typical chipping of the enamel and underlying rust have been reproduced faithfully, and only from close up will you see it’s not real enamel but wood.

img_6787On display, each sign is accompanied by a period photograph of that sign. More details and prices on vinsign.eu. You will find great signs for your home museum or re-enactment display, or even a diorama for a real museum. They are that good.

I have made some signs myself, but it takes time to do it well. What I haven’t seen yet are the Dutch metal road signs you see in photos of Market Garden. They are white cast metal with a black border. These may be a fun challenge to produce when I have some time.



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