Bangalore torpedo in Saving Private Ryan

About 6 months after acquiring a set of original Bangalore torpedo connectors and the rare nose piece, I started looking for ways to make a complete set. Getting the proper metal pipes, paints and stencils took some time. But this weekend, I finally set about my restoration project. I am quite pleased with the result, if I do say so myself.

Here’s the step-by-step report if you fancy making your own Bangalore torpedoes.

Let’s start with the shopping list:

  • 150cm long x 52mm wide iron tubing (you can use PVC pipes if you can find them in that size). I used tubing recovered from heating ducts from a greenhouse.
  • Stencils: I ordered mine from Noosta Direct. Paul there has been very helpful. If you want to make a crate for the bangalores, he has stencils for that too.
  • OD#1 matte spray paint. I got mine at Gustaaf Desmet in Gent/St Amandsberg (Belgium). I should have gotten 2 cans, because 1 is just a bit short for 2 pipes… I got a can of primer too, but I have not used it for this project because the original connectors I have do not have a primer either.
  • Yellow matte spray paint. Most stores only sell glossy yellow, but I ended up buying it where I should have looked first: the local Gamma hardware store.
  • The usual painting tools: mouth mask (highly recommended), latex gloves, waterproof sandpaper. Picture below shows 400-grain too, but I only used 180-grain.