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  1. I believe the "TL-122" designation requires additional research.

    First, the term "torch" is not used in the U.S. to refer to a flashlight. It is common in England, but not the U.S. Folks in the U.S. consider a torch as a flaming material at the end of a stick, as used centuries ago.

    Second, designations of "Tool, Linesman" such as TL-29, and "Tool, Equipment" for the TE-33 kit, are all for tools as part of the Signal Corps. The Signal Cor[s handled communication wether it be by field phone, radio, or signal lights. A Linesman was part of the Signal Corps. Any flashlight can have value as a signal. This notion is supported with the intermittent flash button switches on flashlights, to use in signalling.

    Obviously other branches used the flashlight, but I believe it was originally part of the Signal Corps TO&E, and that is how it it got the designation of Tool, Linesman – 122. It was just another tool in the Signal Corps, to begin with.

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