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First edition of “Paratrooper!” by Gerard M. Devlin — 7 Comments

  1. I have #595 of 600 of the book Paratrooper. In July 1990, I had numerous members of the ORIGINAL TEST PLATOON sign it. I also have sever al signatures from WW!! members of the 82nd and 101st ABN it it. Can you give me an estimate of it’s value?

    • Hi, I paid $40 for mine, but with shipping costs and customs duties it ended up costing me €80! Mine was signed by General Yarborough. I’d say your book should be worth at least $75. Regards, Wouter

  2. I have my fathers copy it’s number 253….signed by author and Lt General Yarborough…..dad was 517 PIR …..
    What s wonderful tribute to these men….I now have 3 generations of PIR
    82nd son and grandson …..my dad was called Tex Lowe……

    • Hi Betty – My dad, Roy Landreth, served with the 517t as well, in E Co. I know of your dad through his volunteer work with the 517th’s “alumni association”

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