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New WW2 movie “Fury” about 2nd Armored Division — 1 Comment

  1. To comment after watching the movie, film was a success considering the use of genuine equipment, like Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. But if you come to scenario it was fully crap. Although the American insist that the incident called ‘Barkmann’s Corner’
    has never taken in their records and such a battle has never been happened, what they did in this movie was depicting the American version of what ernst Barkmann did. On the other hand, it was clearly a racist movie against Germans. It was all shit that SS Platoon was marching like Orks in the The Lord of the Rings, singing loudly to alert any possible enemy around that they are approaching and they don’t hasitate to march clearly in rows when it was the times that almost every flying aircraft belonged to Allies. American soldiers did not die before they were shot a couple of times but the germens died with a single shot even it was fired from a pistol. Germans lately remembered their Panzerfausts and opened their wooden cases but weren’t most of them already walking with their Panzerfausts on their shoulders in the forest before engaging the sitting duck.
    Shortly, equipment used in the movie was excellent, but every little ingrediant mentioned above (There were much more of them) bull-shit…

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