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Looking for Yank magazine, July 2 1944 — 7 Comments

  1. This photograph in the cover of Yank Magazine is Not “Ernest Jump”. It is another Wisconsinite by the name of Sgt. Joseph Gorenc from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It has been very well documented that Sgt, Gorenc is the trooper in this photo.

    Joseph Gorenc survived WWII despite being captured near St. Come du Mont. He escaped along with “Doc” Dwyer.

    On October 30, 1957 Joesph Gorenc passed due to injuries he sustained in an industrial accident back in Sheboygan.

    he has just a few distant relatives still residing in the Green bay area…

    • Thanks for sharing that! Glad to have received a reply so quickly. I’m sure Charlie will be happy too, even though it turns out it’s not his cousin in the photo.

  2. My Dad Sgt. Sydney lee McCallum , Was in the 3rd Bn 506th PIR Dad left a written account about his experiences on DDay. He was captured on June 6, 1944(which was also his birthday) with Joseph Gorenc. He also escaped from the prisoner of war train at the same time Gorenc did. After a short time he was picked up by the French Freedom Fighters which were called the Marque and stayed with them for a number of months until he was able to get back to the American lines. Dad always talked about the worst experience he had was when he and William (Bill) Atlee were sent forward to scout for the small group of paratroopers he had gotten with after the DDay jump. He and Atlee came under intense machine gun fire and Bill Atlee was hit in the head lying next to Dad. Dad always said Atlee’s last words were the bravest he had ever heard in his entire life. They were “I am dying Sgt Mickey (dad’s nickname) but we are going to win this damn war aren’t we, you damn well A we are”.

  3. My dad William A.Roth, a paratrooper of the 101st Airborne , 82nd Division remembered when this picture was taken and actually put “guess who” on it for my mom. It certainly looks like him.

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