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Looking for Yank magazine, July 2 1944 — 3 Comments

  1. This photograph in the cover of Yank Magazine is Not “Ernest Jump”. It is another Wisconsinite by the name of Sgt. Joseph Gorenc from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It has been very well documented that Sgt, Gorenc is the trooper in this photo.

    Joseph Gorenc survived WWII despite being captured near St. Come du Mont. He escaped along with “Doc” Dwyer.

    On October 30, 1957 Joesph Gorenc passed due to injuries he sustained in an industrial accident back in Sheboygan.

    he has just a few distant relatives still residing in the Green bay area…

    • Thanks for sharing that! Glad to have received a reply so quickly. I’m sure Charlie will be happy too, even though it turns out it’s not his cousin in the photo.

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