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I was looking for another paratrooper helmet liner when I came across this very special repro of a St Clair. That changes a bit from the Firestones and Inlands. The St Clair was green on the inside and had a cut-away at the ears. The lining was grey rayon instead of khaki webbing and the size could not be adjusted, so different sized liners existed. This repro also has the distinctive yellow stamp at the crown inside and the early type square open sliding buckle on the chin strap (although the quality of the leather could have been nicer). It’s a very nice repro and selling fast. Get one while they last

Now it’s waiting for someone to stand up to produce repro Hawley paratrooper liners. I know they exist, but they are hand-made and not readily available. If anyone has a lead on this, please let me know.



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