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King Arms Thompson M1A1 review — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Wouter…I’ve recently purchased a WPG “wrist compass”…it arrived promptly and nicely packaged…however, upon opening the plastic box , I was greeted by an oily mess. The compass case is made of a flexible type of plastic, not a hard plastic…the “crystal is of a hard clear plastic …I was able to easily lift the rotating bezel by pushing the crystal downwards with my thumbs while lifting the bezel upwards…the crystal houses the oil and needle, thats the extent of it. I drilled a small hole through the tiny black plastic plug (where the oil had originally been syringed…drained the remaining bit of oil….refilled it with food-grade vegetable oil….and epoxied the fill hole…as well as the tin backing of the crystal…My opinion; a cheap repro that looks the part, works as a compass, has a nice repro strap…but is of very cheap construction. Thought you might like to know.

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