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Great stencils for making replica bangalore torpedoes — 5 Comments

    • Sure, the pipes you need are 52mm diameter and (about) 1,5 meters long. You need 52mm if you want the original connector sleeves to fit. I will make a how-to article once I’ve finished the job myself. Could be a few more weeks until I get around to it, so don’t hold your breath. But I’ll let you know.

    • I don’t know, but I can send you pictures of my originals. I have just gotten my hands on 52mm steel tubes, so I am about ready to finish this project. I will be making pictures of each step of the process, so bear with me. I am still looking for the proper matte or satin yellow spray paint to use for the templates. Any suggestions?

      • Hey man, yeah that would be great if you could send some pics from different angles and if you could possibly measure how long they are and get a close up of the spring clips on them that hold the pipes tighter. And yeah i have been lookin at paint colors and i may have found the right color for you! You can buy it at the home depot in spray paint form, the can is labeled ” Gloss sun yellow spray paint and primer ” and it costs about $6. Hope this helps and thanks alot man!

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