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  1. MECO made 30 rd Thompson pouch….!!! Looks like a poor fake. US Army never issued a 3 cell 30 rd Thompson pouch in the war so why would the British make a non-standard item ? Check the 4 on the marking – it is open not closed as found on all MECO made items for the US Army. This is a common mistake made by a lot of fakers.

    • Thanks for your insight! What period would these repros have been made, you think? You are sure no 3-cell Thompson mag pouches were issued by the Army during WW2, but I have a USMC marked pouch that is 1944 dated.

  2. The British & Canada issued Thompsons before the USA did. They used both 20 & 30 rd mags. These are probably for issue to UK Paratroopers. Just because its Thompson does not mean its American. The Australians made a 6 cell pouch for 20 rd mags and a 5 cell for 30 rd mags. Your pouches are made for UK P’37 web gear thus they are British not American.

  3. I have no in depth information but what I do know is that some of the Polish armed forces in the west used the Thompson SMG’s too. They were fighting under command of the Canadians which in their turn fought under command of the British. Perhaps these were also issued for them?

  4. OMG .. the british made webbing in American pattern [ part of reverse lend lease ] to ship to the Chinese/// these are not fake.. learn about more than us crap

    • Hello Alan, thanks for your insight. It would be good if you could share some more information about this if you have it. It’s been 8 years now, but I haven’t come across anything similar.

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