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  1. The upper three characters in the diamond is “交通路” (“Traffic Road” in English. Old Chinese characters are read from right to left), it’s a old street in Hankou (汉口) City, Wuhan (武汉) Province.

    As for the rest, I can’t read them clearly, but I believe they are “漢老鳳祥” (“汉老凤祥” in simplified Chinese). “漢“ means “汉口”, the place where it came from, “老鳳祥” (lao feng xiang) is a famous silverware shop in China which has a long history started from 1848.

    Therefore, in my opinion, this badge may be a unofficial copy which was made in China, someone entrusted a copy work to this silverware shop, quite interestion.

    G.I. Webmaster

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