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French 3rd Zouave badge worn by 509th PIR — 5 Comments

  1. Hello. The 3RZ badge in your photo was manufactured c.1957-1962. I am a retired professional soldier & former member of the 509th Parachute Infantry. I have a collection of 3RZ badges and I can share my research with you.

  2. Regarding the hallmark for 3RZ badges:

    c.1945 – c.1947 DRAGO PARIS NICE

    c.1947 c.1952 DRAGO PARIS NICE H131 43 Rue Oliver Metra

    c.1952 – 1962 DRAGO PARIS H131

  3. the original 3rd zouave badge that the 509 pib had in 42 43 so on they are sewed on type i have one it was my fathers he was there in north africa . there are so many copies out there unbelievable i wish i could post a picture of it and its in perfect cond.

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