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EE-8 field phones for re-enactment — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, I have multiple sets of these in various working condition as I fix them up.
    How did the paratroopers jump with these? I “assume” in a leg bag? Do you have any official knowledge / evidence of this? I have an event coming up and would like to be able to pass more information in regards to paratroopers specifically jumping with and utilizing these EE-8 radios.

    • Hi Dave, I do have photos of paratroopers using these field phones (for example in Gen. Mc Auliffe’s headquarters in Bastogne), but not of paratroopers jumping with them or of the phones being attached to their parachute harnasses or anything. I’m sure that if that were the case, these phones would fetch much higher prices online and at shows than they do now. Also because they are so easy to fix up and operate for reenactment. I have a lot of books on ww2 paratroopers and I’m pretty sure that none of them has any photos of the kind you have in mind. Only of the phones in use in the field. Kind regards, Wouter

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